Data Portal

Select your parameter. Available stations will populate in the table to the right. Select a station within the table to reveal pop-up graph below. On the Multi-Graph bar below, you can select Favorites, Recently Clicked and Nearby Stations from there. Clicking on that station's graph will bring you to the zoom and download pop-up window. Data formats includes CSV, WaterML2.0, Plain Text, HTML and JSON.

Select the STAR to add/remove your Favourite stations of any parameter. The CHECK MARK icon will show what stations you've recently clicked. The bottom SELECT BY AREA icon will allow you to draw a rectangle on the map to select a group of stations. The mini graph bar is desinged to hold these selections by using cookies. By disabling cookies for this site, you will not have this functionality. No other information is stored beyond the use of recalling Favourite and Recently Clicked stations.

Parameter Descriptions

Ground Water Level: Measured in metres (m) and based on elevation above mean sea level, is used to record fluctuations in the water level. Typically used by municipalities for drinking water and agricultural irrigation.
Ground Water Temperature: Measured in degrees Celsuis (C), ground water temperature is the average temperature for a given peiod such as hourly or daily.

* This Data Portal is designed to share what information we have collected through field research, instrumentation and long term studies on a variety of factors that affect the health and well-being of this ecosystem. By entering this site, you acknowledge that the data available is provisional in nature. LSRCA assumes no responsibility for the correctness of the information contained in this website. LSRCA will not be held liable to any user of this information, regardless of the purpose.