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Parameter Descriptions

Air Temperature: Measured in degrees Celsius (C), air temperature is the instantaneous air temperature measured at a given interval.
Barometric Pressure: Measured in millibar (mbar), barometric pressure is a measure of the force exerted by the atmosphere as a function of its weight.
Dew Point Temperature: Reported in degrees Celsius (C), dew point temperature is the temperature that air would have to be cooled to reach saturation. Calculated using measured values of air temperature and corresponding relative humidity.
Global Radiation: Measured in watts per square metre (W/m2), a measure of total incoming solar radiation for a given interval.
Precipitation: Measured in millimetres (mm), precipitation is the amount of rain or snow that has fallen during a given period of time (5 minute).
Precipitation Accumulation: Measured in millimetres (mm) precipitation accumulation is the running total precipitation accumulated in 5 minute intervals over a given duration.
Relative Humidity: Measured in percent (%), relative humidity is a measure of the amount of water vapour contained in the air relative to maximum amount of water vapour air can hold at a given air temperature.
Water Temperature: Measured in degrees Celsius (C), water temperature is the instantaneous water temperature in a river or lake measured at a given interval.
Wind Direction: Measured in whole cardinal degrees (°), wind direction is a measure of the direction (true direction) from which the wind is blowing.
Wind Speed: Measured in kilometres per hour (km/hr), wind speed is the instantaneous wind speed measured at a given interval.

* This Data Portal is designed to share what information we have collected through field research, instrumentation and long term studies on a variety of factors that affect the health and well-being of this ecosystem. By entering this site, you acknowledge that the data available is provisional in nature. LSRCA assumes no responsibility for the correctness of the information contained in this website. LSRCA will not be held liable to any user of this information, regardless of the purpose.