Data Portal

Data Portal

This Data Portal is designed to share environmental monitoring data from the Lake Simcoe watershed collected through field research, instrumentation and long term studies on a variety of key parameters that inform us of the health and well-being of this ecosystem.

By entering this site, you acknowledge that the data available is provisional in nature. LSRCA assumes no responsibility for the correctness of the information contained in this website. LSRCA will not be held liable to any user of this information, regardless of the purpose.

Warning! Rates of precipitation, river levels and flows can change rapidly.

Watershed Monitoring

The LSRCA maintains a number of long term data sets including water quality testing in the lake and rivers, river fish and insect population surveys, groundwater quality and quantity, stream flow monitoring, and lake and river level monitoring. The information collected from these activities is used to track trends, assess health, identify stressors and predict future changes in the environment. The information also alerts us to identify and locate the origins of problems.

The LSRCA operates:

Reading the Charts

  1. Monitoring Station's name based on Watercourse and Intersect location.
  2. Preset time frames selectable from 1 day to entire time series.
  3. Manual Date selectors for both 'From' and 'To'.
  4. Show values in CSV format in right pane (toggle).
  5. Info Tool lets you see date and value on hover (toggle).
  6. Zoom Tool lets you choose range by mouse selecting graph.
  7. Dowload Button lets you select data format for current graph.
  8. Slider for Date range.

Quality Codes

All data available here is to be considered provisional. Data acquired through our partners goes through no quality controls or screening. Data acquired through LSRCA may go through some basics checks. Values are ranked in a system of quality codes ranging from (0 - 255) and are rated as follows:

Values ranked at 255 are known to be bad and will not be made available.